The first start

My name is Mikko Virtaperko. Born in 80's, I got my first camera as a gift from my aunt. It was a full metal body of engineering finesse. It was a precision instrument like nothing else I had seen before. I was sold.

On a new level

The first 20 years or so of my photographic life I was stuck in the gear. I didn't respect the photograph, all I was after for was the mean to make pictures, no the pictures themselves. Then something happened. I lost my focus on the means and got an urge to make pictures that really stand out. As if my eyes were opened: all the sudden, I could see photographs everywhere, not through the lens of a camera but in my minds eye.

Downgrading can make you see

In 20 years, one has time to experiment with many kind of techniques. I soon found out that my only limitation in doing photographs with my reborn passion is my own imagination. In 2018 I returned to film photography, which has taught me a lot as a reminder of basic things in the era of digital cameras.

Learn from the masters

In order to take photographs, you have to see it first in your minds eye. Or in your heart: first you have to see the picture with your heart, said André Kertész, a famous hungarian photographer. 

Learning ever since!

Sincerely yours,


"Mies lumisateessa"


Check out my Instagram account for newest photos and my Youtube channel, where I try to learn to make better photographs by the means of following the old masters.