André Kertész: Do landscape photos not unlike

What I’ve learned by trying to follow the vision of André Kertész is that you have to believe in yourself, in your own photography. Having faith gives your perception the boost that is needed to see with your heart and catch the moment. Like Kertész himself said.

Intro with walking shoes in the forest, ambient sounds and title animated on screen

“Do landscape photography not unlike André Kertész”

Eliot Porter not teaching us to use foreground

I thought for a moment that composing landscape photographs means having a piece of grass in front of your wide-angle lens. Did Eliot Porter feel that too? Or who invented the whole matter?

Running White Deer waking up my impressionism

The moment I first saw Paul Caponigro's Running White Deer was a turning point in my own expression. Why it stroke so heavily on me and how do I feel about it now? And what does another Paul, the painter Paul Cézanne has to do with this?

Eugène Atget and Signe Brander: contemporary urban landscape photographers not very unlike one another

Eugène Atget is world-famous for his urban landscape photographs, mostly taken in Paris in 1890-1910. Signe Brander is quite famous photographer, know for her urban landscape photographs from Helsinki around 1910-1920. Both have a lot of photos that are stunning to watch, detailed visual documents from the time long past.